100% Silk Scarves - washable, approximate sizes, hand painted in USA

35” x 35”   A huge square of unique color blends that look like you’re wearing a painting, this scarf gives a look of exquisite beauty and sublime fashion sense. In the cowgirl world, these large squares are called Western Rag, probably beacuse pure silk keeps us warm in cold temperatures and cool in the heat. One package contains 4 scarves @ $50.00 ea. Total: $200.00 (PKG!)


27” x 6"   Some people call these small oblongs of colors ponytail scarves and some call them twillies. Regardless of what we call them, wear them in a new hair style or adorn your wrist or purse handle with one. These twillies are versatile little paintings that will adorn your colorful life. One package contains 20 scarves @ $10.00 ea. Total: $200.00 (PKG2)

All other sizes  -  Choose from a variety of oblong sizes that are about 60 inches long and about 14 inches wide. This group also contain small 20-inch squares. This is a mix of slightly different sizes and silks, including lightweight satins and sheer chiffons.

One package contains 6 scarves @ $30.00 ea. Total: $180.00 (PKG3)

100% Cotton Fabric Cuts - For Quilting and Sewing, hand painted in USA

I hope you enjoy these fabric cuts painted in fun colors and in the same artistic style as my other pieces. They are cut into sizes expressly for quilters, sewers, and other fabric artistss. Take a look at my exclusive size, the Turnover, which is 36" x 5" that can be used in trims or easily cut in 5" squares.

22” x 18” (Fat Quarter)                          One package contains 50 cuts @ $2.00 ea. Total: $100.00 (PKG4)                       

36” x 5” (Turnover – exclusive size!)         One package contains 50 cuts @ $2.00 ea. Total: $100.00 (PKG5)

45” x 20” (Half Yard)                             One package contains 25 cuts @ $4.00 ea. Total: $100.00 (PKG6)